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Jaisalmer Tourism Information

Jaisalmer is heritage city of Rajasthan in India, it is also known as Golden City as it gets beautiful color of yellow sandstone used for the construction of buildings. Jaisalmer is one of the Major cities of Rajasthan, located near India-Pakistan border and very close to the Thar Desert. Rajput King Maharawal Jaisal Singh is the founder of Jaisalmer and so city is named after him. City was founded in 1156 AD, Jaisalmer means “The Hill Fort of Jaisal”.
Cities most prominent landmark is the Jaisalmer Fort also known as “Golden Fort” which offers aesthetic architecture and craftsmanship. Along with the Fort it houses many shops, Hotels and Havelis. The closest big city is Jodhpur which is 300km away one can access at Jodhpur International Airport and then travel through bus to reach the Jaisalmer Town.

Ramdevra a village in Jaisalmer is named after Baba Ramdevji, a Tanwar Rajput and a saint who took Samādhi in 1384, at the age of 33 years. He is now worshiped by many followers of India as Ishta-devta.

Tourist Attractions in Jaisalmer

  • Sonar Fort
  • Royal Cenotaphs
  • Havelis