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Mandawa Tours and Travel Guide

Mandawa is a town in Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan in India and located 190 km away from Jaipur in the North. It is part of Shekhawati region. Mandawa is beautiful small town famous throughout the state for its intricate Forts and Havelis. The monuments of this place recall us cultural and heritage of by gone era.
The City of Mandawa was a thikana in the mid of 18th century by the Bhojraj Ji Kasubsub clan of Shekhawat Rajputs. It was believed that Mandu Jat was the founder of the town. Rich businessmen of the village built many Havelis and Baolis with colourful painting adorned walls. The attraction still remains the same and now some became major attractions for tourists.

The nearest Airport is Jhunjhunu and Jaipur Airport is also nearest, it is well connected with the other places through good network of roads.

Tourist Attractions in Mandawa

  • Havelis