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Mandvi Travel Guide

Mandvi is a city in the Kutch district of Gujarat. Mandvi was founded by the Rao of Kutch State, Khengarji I in 1580 and was a summer retreat of Kings of Cutch state. It was named after Sage Mandavya who lived here, also known as Am Baba. Mandvi was originally a fortified town with a fort wall of about 8 meter high and 1.2 meter wide, it had several gates and 25 bastions, at present some of walls are disappeared. The old city is enclosed in Fort walls.
Mandvi City earlier was a major port of the region. In the early 19th century it traded with Malwa, Marwar and Sindh. Mandvi was at the junction of two famous trade routes the maritime spice trade route and the desert camel caravan route, acting as an important trade center. The city has a four-hundred-year-old ship building industry, which was started by the caste of Kharva that still builds small wooden ships. Mandvi is place which depicts true culture of Kutch district, it is the town of merchants and seamen.

Mandvi is home to many old temples, beautiful Palaces, oasis of beach, wind-mill, longest bridge of its kind, lake, craft bazaar and many interesting places to visit. Mandvi is one of the famous destinations of Gujarat and visited by many peoples. The shortest way to reach Mandvi is by air the nearest Airport is Rudra Mata Airport of Bhuj, nearest railway station is of Okha and by road one can easily access Mandvi.

Tourist Attractions in Mandvi

  • Mandvi Beach
  • Vijaya Vilas Palace