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Uttar Pradesh Travel Guide with Private Tours

The best place in India to experience the original medieval culture of the Royal families and at the same time traditional life of the people in the remote areas is the Uttar Pradesh. Warm hospitality for the guests is deep routed in the culture of Uttar Pradesh and you will feel this during your travel to the different regions of Uttar Pradesh. The tour packages for Uttar Pradesh are planned to cover the geographical diversity of Uttar Pradesh, rich natural treasure including the Royal Bengal Tigers, majestic forts, palaces and havelis and most importantly a contact with the local population of Uttar Pradesh without which it will not be possible to experience the original culture of Uttar Pradesh.

Uttar Pradesh- The justification of Name
The land of Rajas or Princes is the literal meaning of Uttar Pradesh. But here this is not limited to forts and palaces, infact it is applied for every small part of the state. The land of Uttar Pradesh is still crown holder as far as Traditions and culture is concerned. You will not find so many colors and experiences at any other place. Most of the forts and Palaces of Uttar Pradesh are still perfectly in shape as they were hundreds of years back, so the travelers visiting Uttar Pradesh can experience & feel the lifestyle & traditions of royal families. Most of these palaces are converted into museums displaying rich heritage of Rajastan like armoury, artifects, paintings, luxury articles and antique books. So the Uttar Pradesh is still true to its name, whether its Royal lifestyles of princes or art and culture, Uttar Pradesh is king of Tourist destinations in India.

How to Plan Uttar Pradesh travel ?
Uttar Pradesh is largest state in India and also having highest number of travel destinations, so it is practically impossible to visit all tourist places. If you have already decided on the destinations, we have complete tourism information about all places of Uttar Pradesh including guide to hotel bookings. If you are new to the state please contact our tour planner with your interests and number of days and be ensured that you will be replied with best tour package having most comfortable itinerary covering places best suitable to your choice.

Best time to visit Uttar Pradesh
Uttar Pradesh is located in western part of India with tropic of cancer passing nearby, so the climate is hot during summer months that is from April to June. About half of Uttar Pradesh is covered with Aravali mountains so once the monsoon arrives in july, this area becomes pleasant with picturesque landscapes. From july onwards you can plan travel to Uttar Pradesh. However the best time to visit western Uttar Pradesh mainly desert are is from september to March.

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Popular Cities in Uttar Pradesh

  • Varanasi
  • Agra