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South India :: A Perfect holiday destination with family

The Southern part of India is surrounded on its three sides by sea with long coastlines and thus providing beautiful sunny beaches. Also various dynasties of South India have constructed massive temples of rocks which are still in perfect shape and centre of devotion for the people. Unfortunately very few ancient palaces have survived as most of them were built with wood. Palace of Mysore is known for its splendid architecture. If you are planning to visit South India then you can opt for any of the following themes : Temples of Tamil Nadu known for their huge gateways (Gopurams) and massive architecture, Natural beauty of Kerala such as Backwaters where you can cruise in a boat with a option to stay on board, Beautiful mountains of the Nilgiris covered with dense forests and plantations of tea and spices, Beautiful beaches of Kerala and Goa, Temples and Palaces of Karnataka like Mysore, Coorg, Hospet, Hassan, Badami. If you are still not sure about the destinations more suitable for you, please do not hesitate to speak to our experts and we will surely plan your perfect trip to South India with assurance of pleasurable memories.