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Fair And Festivals in India

India is a land of Fairs and Festivals. Besides some pan Indian festivals celebrated by large number of population the list of regional events is unending. It is not possible to provide information on all fairs & festivals of India, however those, important for tourists are discussed.

Diwali (The festival of Light)

It is the most widely celebrated festival of Hindu's in India, about 70% of the total population. Mythology about the festival is that, it celebrated to commemorate the memory of epic Hero Lord Rama's return after vicoty over demon Ravan. Interesting thing about festival is that now Goddess of wealth, Laxmi has totally replaced Lord Rama (the ideal of virtues), and all the rituals and offerings are in the name of goddess Laxmi only. Sweets are exchanged and youngsters involve themselves in fireworks. Large scale lightings can be seen everywhere.

Holi (Festival of colors)

This is the another major festival of Hindu population. On the eve, Holika a female devil symbollic of vices is burnt amidst piles of wood. Next day people visit each others places exchanging sweets and applying colors on each other. Unlike Deewali, which is simple and peaceful, holi is celebrated in joyous mood. Everyone is colourful, and festival is celebrated throughout the day. Bhang (intoxicating drink) is used on large scale.

Eid-ul-fitr (Ramzan Id)

Most popular festival of the muslims which constitutes 16% of India's population. The festival comes after one full month of fastings (Ramzaan). People put on new cloth, and after main Namaaz (prayer), greet each other, sweets are exchanged. Children get festival fund (Eidi).

Navratras (Nine nights celebration)

Popular in Gujrat and Rajasthan, this nine nights celebration is marked by prayers to geddess Durga followed by Dandiya (dance with ornamented sticks) almost throughout the night. People (both men and women) dress themselves in colourful traditional attires. Venues are decorated with lightings, tradtional musical instruments are replaced by high volume music systems.

Pushkar Fair (Camel Fair)

Held at Pushkar in Rajasthan, this is most popular event both among locals and foreign tourists. The fair is religious, cultural and trading in its nature. People from different parts of Rajasthan dressed in their colourful clothings, brings their cattle for sale and Purchase. Tourism department of Rajasthan organises various cultural activities and competitions, some exclusively for foreign tourists. Pushkar fair is the best platform for first hand interaction with culture of India.

Hampi Festival (South India)

Karnataka tourism department organises Hampi festival, at the site of once Vijayanagar Empire. Rulers of vijayanagar have contributed largely for rich architectural heritage of south Indial. Hampi is one of the most popular tourist destination of south India. The festival includes Dance, drama, music, fireworks; puppet shows and spectacular processions, all combine to recreate the grandeur of the bygone era.